Inklusion af frafaldsturede elever

GRECOL – Getting Ready for European Citizenship On-Line

ViSE – Video Systems in Education

WORKGUIDANCE – Career Guidance in a Changing Labour Market

GATE:VET – using GAmification in TEaching at VET schools

To SWITCH – Towards Senior Workers’ Innovative Training Challenges

LeFoLi – Learning designs for life long learning

TRADY – Teaching Refugees and Demotivated Young adults

Move Your Mind

5by5 – Five by Five

Learning Path – Digitalized Learning Path for Educational Organizations

NO NEETs – New Opportunities for the Not in Employment Education or TrainingNO NEETs –

Digi4Adults – Adults Acquiring Digital Skills

GBT – Games for basic skills teaching

STEAM – Serious game to train experts in advanced multimodality

HAVE – Hybrid Classrooms in Adult and VET Education

TITAN – Transformative Training to Empower Sustainably Responsible Leadership and Innovation

SIATE – Social Inclusion of Adults Through Entrepreneurship


O&SR – Onboarding and Student Retention

DIGIVET – Digital VET Readiness