Digital VET Readiness

2021 – 2023

During COVID-19, schools, teachers and students have been placed in an unfamiliar, unconventional, and challenging environment for education. The transition to distance learning has tested the ability of school leaders, teachers, and students to adapt flexibly to a learning situation in which participants are spatially separated and the interaction between them is mediated.
Knowledge about and ability to use open source learning resources in a good pedagogical way and to equip teachers/educators with the skills / knowledge of developing their own digital materials, is therefore in great demand. Likewise, having digital access to companies as a source for learning, collaborating and job demands is essential in all VET training since we have a common European work market.
Digital education readiness is also to prepare not only the teachers, but also school management and staff, students and parents to avoid some of the lessons learned from spring 2020.

The project aims to:
1. Identify criterias for VET institutions digital educational readiness and create guidelines and checklist to implement digital pedagogical readiness competences among educators and schools as an organization.
2. Create mapping tool supporting the developed criterias to score the Digital pedagogical preparedness.
3. Create E-Activities within digital pedagogical practical knowledge and digital pedagogical guidelines with visual supportive steps for practical creation of learning modules giving students holistic learning experience.
4. Create easy to use, low and secure E-VISIT learning tool for improved digital collaboration between school, students and companies.



Project manager

Heidi Schjøtt Huusgaard



Project details


Project Period: 01-04-2021 – 31-03-2023


Programme: Erasmus+


Project Reference: 2020-1-NO01-KA226-VET-094087


Project Short Name: DIGIVET


Project Grant: 199800 EUR


Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


Action Type: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness


Project partners


Prios Kompetanse AS (NO) | Coordinator


VUC Storstrøm (DK)


Val Skoler AS (NO)


ENSINUS - Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais SA (PT)


Oberstufenzentrum Informations- und Medizintechnik (DE)


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