VUC Storstrøm

VUC Storstrøm Development Office

At the VUC Storstrøm Development Office we have a vast experience in coordinating and participating in national as well as international projects.

The VUC Storstrøm Development Office also manages the Nordic Centre for Digital Adult Learning (NCDV).

Read more about our activities or contact us, if you would like to learn more about us or if you have an idea for collaboration.

Our projects

Knowledge in Time

We juggle many different types of projects with themes varying from mental health and student well-being to game-based learning and social entrepreneurship. 




The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+)


Interreg DE DA and Interreg South Baltic


Region Zealand

Development across borders

We participate in projects regionally, nationally and internationally.


Learning is always on our mind and it is the key essence in our projects.


Our projects cater to current needs with a focus on long-lasting effects.

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